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Instructions: Respond to the following question(s). Yes, you may use any resources at your disposal but you cannot cut and paste your answers and while I expect you will use outside sources to bolster your arguments, you must cite these sources, reframe from copying the thoughts or work of others, etc. I am required to run all contributions through a software program to check for plagiarism. I suggest you do the same. These are your answers, not others’ answers. Good luck… Let’s hope next semester ends more normally.
Please respond to each question in essay format… not just bullet points. Each response should be between 400-500 words not including citations. Please no more than 500 words!
1. Innovation is a complex process that appears to require certain skill sets, great timing and favorable conditions. Please describe the five most important requirements for successful innovation in the communication tech world and provide an example of a company or technology that illustrates your points.
2. The coronavirus has changed the way we work and live and especially the way we work together. What are these changes in our work life, what are the challenges and are these changes here to stay?
3. Telemedicine or e-health has been talked about for 40 years as a “upcoming technology” … now it’s here and very suddenly. What are the traditional barriers and how are these being so rapidly overcome? If you were to invest in a telehealth company, what company would that be and why?


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