Literature homework help

In this 5-7 page paper, we want you to take a deep dive into 1 topic from the course: Collaboration, Embodied Leadership, Community Engagement, Leadership Instincts, Communication (Speech Acts, Linguistic Viruses, Equity, Inclusion, Network Approaches, Systems Thinking etc….or another of your choosing.

What does a successful paper look like? Your paper should:
Share with us why this topic is of interest to you at this time in your academic, professional and leadership journey.
Use the Learning Cycle Pathway to achieve the deepest learning and application of this topic. Following this cycle is a helpful way to outline your paper. The five stages are:
Definition: I understand what is being talked about.
Validation: I understand why this topic is important.
Assimilation: I know how this topic can work and what it might feel like to practice.
Integration: I see how to incorporate this into my leadership and community engagement practices.
Transition: I understand the relationship of this topic to others discussed in class.
Share a case study where your topic affected change in a positive way towards personal, community or organizational outcomes and change. The case study can be related to work, your Power, Equity, Inclusion Paper or something you have heard about in the world….
Describe where you have read about, seen and/or experienced this leadership principle in action whether it was effectively implemented or not.
Find alternative viewpoints on the chosen topic. What challenging perspectives or counter-arguments can you find that disputes the validity of this concept? What do you think about these viewpoints?
Is this a traditional concept or more modern to the 21st century? In what ways is this topic cutting edge or traditional?
Integrate at least 5 outside sources NOT from the already assigned homework readings, videos about this topic that demonstrates depth and breadth of understanding of this topic. You can use references in the black buttons of the homepage as a starting place.


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