Literature homework help

Literature homework help.

Week 3 Discussion

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In Chapter 38 of your text we are introduced to the ideas of existential art, collaboration, and improvisation (chance art making). After watching the 6 short videos provided in the lecture playlist (YouTube videos of Merce Cunningham & Trisha Brown), share your reaction to the performances in a discussion post. Do research about the artists (Cunningham & Brown) and about the ideas of improvisation and collaboration. Read your textbook closely and seek more information online if necessary. Try to avoid hasty judgments of the work, and instead open your mind to understanding the choreography, performance, and collaboration of these artists. Your discussion posts should include your own understanding of these multi-art forms.
 (Links to an external site.)
Your initial post (by midnight Wednesday) should be a minimum of 300 words (a paragraph about each performance). After posting your initial thoughts, respond to one peer with a substantial paragraph (75 word minimum).
Discussion Post Video Links:
The 6 Sides of Merce Cunningham (7 min):
Link (Links to an external site.)The Six Side of Merce Cunningham
Merce Cunningham’s dance Second Hand (3 min):
Merce Cunningham Dance Company at BAM: Second Hand (Links to an external site.)Merce Cunningham Dance Company at BAM: Second Hand
Merce Cunningham’s Pond Way (2 min): 
Link (Links to an external site.)Cunningham's Pond Way
Merce Cunningham’s Scenario (2 min):
Link (Links to an external site.)Cunningham's Scenario
Trisha Brown: Set & Reset (4 min):
Link (Links to an external site.)Trisha Brown- Set and Reset
Budapest Dance Company performing Set & Reset (7 min):
Link (Links to an external site.)Budapest-Set and Reset

Literature homework help


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