Literature Review

The Lit review contains relevant theories, laws and regulations, key issues, important variables, and empirical studies and their results. Should provide support for the problem statement. Use to justify and support the proposed research topic and design by summarizing and synthesizing the arguments and ideas of others. The following must be covered in the literature review.
1. What does the scholarly literature say about the current status and or the main facts and perspectives on the topic area?
2. Which specific aspects of the problems/issues is (are) addressed in the project?
3. What are the key issues raised in the topic literature?
4. What research studies have been carried out on this topic area and what have those studies found? What conclusions do draw from these studies?
Neighborhood Segregation in NYC
1. What policies/practices contributed to segregated neighborhoods in the city
2. Was there any formal effort to integrated neighborhoods?
3. In what ways do segregation in housing in connected to segregated schools?
4. What role busing played in integrating schools in the past?
No cover page needed but references are mandatory along with APA format.
Must include at least 5 sources.


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