Management homework help

Management homework help.  
Annotated Bibliography

  • The content of this assignment will be integrated into your own research paper [Please refer to “Research Paper Rubric” – “Literature review” section]
  • Minimum 5 sources should be included (Please refer to “Research Paper Rubric” – “Minimum 5 credible/reliable sources”].

How to write the Annotated Bibliography for each of the 5 sources to be cited? Here is a sample:
Sheppard, A. L., & Wolffsohn, J. S. (2018). Digital eye strain: Prevalence, measurement and amelioration. BMJ Open Ophthalmology, 3(1), e000146.
This article explores the effects of daily use of Digital devices, especially on eyes. Known as computer vision syndrome, digital eye strain (DES) is introduced in this article to refer to different types of ocular and visual symptoms caused by constant use of digital devices. In order to prove the connection between DES and the use of digital devices, different measurements have been used to diagnose DES among computer users. Blue light has been identified as the most dominant one of the culprits. Possible eye protection measures are suggested through citation of several researches on how blue light-filtering spectacle lenses help combat DES.
Topic 1: The effect of e-commerce industry in today’s world
Topic 2: Consumer Behavior and the Influence of advertising
Topic3: Information systems and their functionality

Management homework help


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