Management homework help

Management homework help. Grading Rubric: Part 1-Industry Analysis and Assessment

Area Possible Points Points Given
Introduction-Name and brief description of organization and unit within organization that you will be analyzing. 10  10
Competitor Analysis-Include the names and a brief description of your organization’s primary competitors within this industry. What are the key similarities between your organization and your competitors (aside from the fact that you sell the same goods and/or deliver similar services). What are the key differences? (What’s here looks good, but we need more on the similarities/differences between each key competitor). 25  18
Economic Factors of the Industry-What is the size of the industry? How many firms are in this industry? How many people are employed in this industry? What is the annual revenue generated by the industry? How do the following economic factors affect this industry: interest rates, government funding, workforce preparation, risk of entry, funding sources, etc.? (This section needs to provide an industry-wide perspective; as it stands, the only numbers we see in here apply only to Amazon. Also, make sure all of the factors listed above are addressed). 15  6
Societal Impacts of the Industry-How does the industry impact society?  What are the benefits to society of this industry?  What are the possible repercussions of this business to society? (More here. The impact of e-commerce on society is huge. This section should be a solid page long.) 10 7
Political Environment of the Industry-What type of regulations/laws affect this industry and the employees in this industry? (See above. You need a solid page of content here). 10  7
Technologies Used in the Industry-What type of technologies are used in this industry? Give a brief description of 4-8 critical technologies. (Consider information management technologies, production and operation technologies, marketing technologies, financial management technologies, distribution technologies, risk analysis tools and technologies, etc.). Also discuss key technological changes that are taking place in the industry, and how these changes are and will be impacting the industry as a whole. (Considerably more needed. This should be a solid five pages, double spaced. The level of technological intensity in this industry is high, so you need far, far more than a page to cover it. ) 50  20
Ecological and Environmental Issues of the Industry-What are the ecological and environmental impacts of this industry? Is this a sustainable industry? (Again- what’s here is fine, but there just isn’t enough content to warrant full credit). 15  9
References- Was there adequate research done (minimum of five sources, most likely more will be necessary for adequate analysis)? 15  15
Subtotal 150  93
Spelling, grammar, and APA errors (-2 points for each error)   -6
Total 150  87


Management homework help


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