Management homework help

Week 8
From the list below, select the leadership style you use or that you have seen used in your organization. Describe the traits and behaviors associated with your selection in your response.

  1.      Directive leadership
  2.      Supportive leadership
  3.      Achievement leadership
  4.      Participative leadership

Week 9
Which cultural influence do you feel will constitute the greatest challenge for management as it relates to maintaining a functional organizational culture? Why do you think so?

  1.      Generational change (millennials)
  2.      Artificial Intelligence (robotics)
  3.      eCommerce (the age of the Internet)
  4.      Globalization (technology-driven solutions)

Week 10
Select one of the major change forces listed below. For your selection, provide a brief explanation of the type of organizational change required to help manage that force.

  1.      Generational change (millennials)
  2.      Artificial Intelligence (robotics)
  3.      eCommerce (the age of the Internet)
  4.      Globalization (technology-driven solutions)

Week 11
You did it! You’ve reached the end of this course. In so doing, you’ve developed your skills in organizational behavior and leadership. Take what you have learned and continue to apply it, both in your MBA courses and in your career.
Reflect on your experience in this course. Address these items in your responses:

  • What skill do you feel you developed most in this course? Provide an example.
  • How do you plan to continue growing your leadership and organizational behavior skills?



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