Management homework help

Management homework help. CW1 (business)
Attention:Need original work. When you write this, you have to remember that you are an international student from Asia studying in the UK and English isyou’re your mother language.

Word Count 3500 plus highlights, appendix, bibliography, contents page, tables etc

A feasibility report starting with highlights and thereafter generally comprising 3500 words, sequencing an appropriate analysis of a business opportunity, and concluding with an objective recommendation

  1. Apply the approaches, techniques and teaching tools taught in the module to the business you chose in the first weeks of the module, produce a 3500 word feasibility report, which analyses and makes recommendations on the feasibility of your business. The word count excludes Highlights, tables, Eureka, the bibliography, and appendix.
  2. The report should start with the Highlights, and end with the recommendation and a eureka reflective discussion.
    1. Highlights should comprise circa 400 words of conclusions from each part of the Mullins adapted model.
    2. Recommendation should reflect the conclusions of each part of the analysis. The recommendation need not be positive, i.e. the business is not feasible because….., and above all should reflect the conclusions of the report. Qualified and partial recommendations are the norm.
    3. Eureka should comprise circa 200 words and describe how the module has influenced your thinking on business, and which particular moment in at least one of the seminars or lectures helped formulate your new thinking!
  3. The report should also include a bibliography (see later) and appendices.
  4. Within the report, the analysis should systematically (rather than randomly) follow structure of the Mullins adapted model (2018), i.e. macro market, macro industry, micro market, micro industry, and cash and risk. In keeping with business and academic convention, the cash should include a copy of the cashflow.
  5. All of each of the tools need not be included in the report, provided they are included in the appendix and referenced in the report, e.g. (see appendix 2).
  6. The teacher is particularly interested in the following:
    1. Clear understanding of each of the taught tools etc, how they work, their inputs and outputs, and how each relates to the other teachings.
    2. Comprehensive and primary research appropriately collected (by the student), and secondary research from reputable sources.
    3. Consistent and clear labelling indicating each part of the Mullins adapted model.
    4. Appropriate use of all models, frameworks and tools taught during the module.
    5. Comprehensiveness analysis and clear conclusions.
    6. Recommendations qualified by insightful comments, showing mature and objective analysis
    7. Short paragraphs in which to express the analysis and conclusions, comprising circa six lines, for instance comprising two juxtaposed points, and a conclusion.
    8. Quotations from the core text, and from any other author cited in the module.
    9. Graphs, illustrations, and tables that add to the analysis and conclusions, each referenced.
    10. The student should also consult the rubric.
    11. At least 20# references in the bibliography.
  7. Referencing is important in all academic and business report, and therefore the following should be cited:
    1. Mullins as the author of the core text.
    2. All authors of tools and frameworks taught in the module.
    3. The student as researcher.
  8. The report must be submitted by the deadline as published in moodle. Failure to submit will result in a resit
  9. Resits are conducted the following term from the one the student studied, and marks and submissions are guided by university rules.
  10. The expected structure of the report is:
    1. Cover page
    2. Highlights
    3. Contents
    4. Macro market
    5. Macro industry
    6. Micro market
    7. Micro industry
    8. Cash
    9. Risk
    10. Recommendation
    11. Eureka
    12. Bibliography
    13. Appendix


Management homework help


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