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Management homework help. How would you describe the schools of ethical thought?
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1 Student Response (Lakshmi Jetti) :
How would you describe the schools of ethical thought?
Promoting ethical behavior in schools requires an understanding of why and when seemingly good people do unethical things. Research on this issue consists of theoretical models of moral decision making and empirical studies of ethical sensitivity, attitudes, and behaviors of people in various contexts. These studies reveal that explanations of unethical conduct include considerations of a person’s psychological disposition as well as the circumstances in which they live. They also identify general principles that explain why individuals might engage in unethical conduct. These studies conducted over the past 50 years and articulate lessons that can help schools to improve the ethical climate of business and ethical behavior of employees. While it does not break new ground, this discussion is important because it synthesizes scholarship in simple language accessible to both scholars and business professionals. This discussion also identifies directions for future research that can enhance and supplement these lessons ( S. Arjoon, 2005).
A hard to characterize idea on account of its elusive and dynamic nature. It is typically characterized as far as appearances of progress, for example, contrasts watched additional time in the condition of a substance, item, or circumstance. Change is basically a procedure of vitality development. Casual choice rules (‘dependable guidelines’) for taking care of issues identified with building up the ethicality of progress practices or choices. See ‘Morals’. Those ethical standards, qualities, and convictions that characterize what is considered ‘great’ and ‘right’ in circumstances of progress, for example, hierarchical change rehearses. The various moral principles, values, and beliefs that inform (guide, regulate) what is regarded as ‘good’ and ‘right’ (or otherwise) in human conduct. Informal, usually experience-based, decision guidelines to assist with solving problems of an ethical nature (J. Balogun, 2006).
S. Arjoon, (2005). “Corporate governance: An ethical perspective”Journal of Business Ethics, 61(4), 343–352. DOI:10.1007/s10551-005-7888-5
J. Balogun, (2006). “Managing change: Steering a course between intended strategies and unanticipated outcomes”Long Range Planning, 39(1), 29–49. DOI:10.1016/j.lrp.2005.02.010
2nd Student Response (Siva Krishna Kommineni) :
Ethical Thought
Schools of Ethical though are quite necessary now a days as we are very busy with our personal and professional life, we some time times don’t have separate time to think about the ethical and moral values and focus towards divine and spirituality. If we follow the divine and spiritual principles, Ethical values, thoughts and morals will come along with us. So, we must dedicate our time regular or periodically to focus on these ethical thoughts. Lot of ethical schools are growing up, just entering to the schools is not enough. We need to follow the guidelines and principles provided by them so that we can adhere to the ethical standards. We should be able to distinguish between good, bad, evil acts so that we wont hurt others feeling and try to put our selves in their shoes so that we can understand the consequences accordingly.
There are wide variety of people in the world and people of various ages. The thoughts won’t be the same in all the people and in all the ages. Love for money and fame, popularity also sometimes creates lot of unethical thoughts, actions from the mind. People must have ability to go through all the states in life and stay normal and same in all the hard times and focus on the career goals with good ethics. Running after the money, popularity reduces the love and caring of our loved ones. Lot of research and investigation is done in this area, Unethical actions like cheating, losing our emotional intelligence, dishonesty, selfish etc. All this cant be understood or obtained at one time. It will be achieved over a period. Children from small ages should also follow these so that they will become a human with all the values. It doesn’t provide any value to a human even if we earn a good possession, lot of money and fame in the society with unethical behavior.
·       Rodl, S. (2018). Good, Evil, and the Necessity of an Act. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, 1, 91.
·       Gentina, E., & Tang, T. L. (2018). Does Adolescent Popularity Mediate Relationships between Both Theory of Mind and Love of Money and Consumer Ethics? Applied Psychology: An International Review, 67(4), 723–767.

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