Management homework help

Management homework help. Find an example, illustration, or application of this week’s corporate entrepreneurship topics from any of the following sources:
• The news media (including newspapers, trade publications, magazines, online resources, etc…)
• Your own work experience (either past or present), or
• An interview with a purchasing/supply chain management professional
In the Course Documents section, I have provided instructions on how to access our online Library. Many students tell me that they access this site and then do a word search on one of the topics for the week. You may well find other sites that you would like to share. If so, please be sure to include the URL (web address) so that others can access it too.
Remember that ALL Web citations need “retrieved on” dates.
For this assignment, please explain your corporate entrepreneurship example to the class (roughly 250+ words) and tie it very specifically into one or more of the corporate entrepreneurship concepts under discussion this week (Chapter titles: The new entrepreneurial imperative; The unique nature of corporate entrepreneurship). Post your assignment to the Current Application Forum, which you’ll reach by clicking on the Discussion Board button.

Management homework help


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