Management homework help

Management homework help. Read the article, do (i.e., description of the problem, alternatives, key features, solution).
1. do a clearly state what problem you believe the firm is facing.
2. Next you will want to see what the options are for the firm.
3. Then you should list all the key features which you have found or developed which you feel will be helpful in coming to a decision, this is the single most important area for the case notes.
4. Finally, be sure to make a selection. As with the problem statement this would best be done in a few sentences and it should refer back to which pieces of information you found particularly compelling for making that particular choice.
Here are some questions to think about in relation to this case.
What are the average sales per dealer in the market area for Gibraltar?
How are those sales distributed across the different brands a dealer sells?
What are the average sales per dealer for Gibraltar (exclusive vs. non-exclusive)?
How effective is the sales force? Essentially how much time are they spending actively selling to these dealers as a sales call given that they have to travel and the dealers can be spread out across a territory? What is the cost for these sales reps for each type of dealer network?

Management homework help


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