Management homework help

Management homework help.

  1. The written integrative      case analysis should be:

a) typed, double-spaced, a minimum of ten (10) pages and a maximum of fifteen (15) pages. 
b) use MLA format. 
c) Do Not use Wikipedia as a resource.
Overview of paper
2.Human   Relations Theory 
3.Communication   issues 
The First page should be an Executive Summary which outlines the observations of the organization. The following sections should address these topics (use the rule of 3 theories for each concept): 
§ Overview of organization
§ Type of Organization – vertical, horizontal, etc. 
§ Organizational Chart
THE HUMAN Relations Theory
§ Zaremba ch 2 Taylor/ Fayol /Hawthorne / McGregor /Maslow 
§ Zaremba ch 3 Peters and Waterman / Systems / Critical/ Feminism
§ Time & Distance/Business Etiquette (Guffy Ch11)
§ /communication culture (Ch 7 Zaremba)
§ /Teamwork/Crisis Management (Ch 10 Zaremba 3rd edition)
(Ch 11 Zaremba and Guffy Ch 1) High context or low context culture/barriers/ overcoming barriers
Zaremba Ch 4 Employing Ethical Yardsticks: Four Rulers for Consideration and Strategic Ambiguity
The Last Page should summarize the organization case analysis identifying key concepts
o  Works Cited Page
Grammar and style. Papers must be written in proper English. Avoid colloquialisms, slang, contractions, sexist language, etc. Good grammar and appropriate style are essential; papers using poor grammar and style will lose points. Write in a narrative style; third person probably will be best, but use “I” when you refer to your thoughts, interpretations, observations, opinions, etc.

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Management homework help


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