Management homework help

Management homework help. Q1:  Go to and find a recent post (within the last 2 years) about a legal and ethical issue. Outline the issues to your classmates. (Use the same process as used for the Dr. Drew Pinsky case 2.3 that begins on page 33 of the text.) Identify the facts, state the issues, describe the stakeholders and the impact upon them, then, apply the law or ethical standards to the existing situation. If you find a YouTube video on your topic, that is a great addition to the discussion. Finally, make recommendations for positive change. The first student to claim a topic owns it. Do not address the same topic as a classmate.
******1-2 pages , 3 references
Q2: Consider the technology you use on a daily basis. Find the agreement that you entered into with the technology company (software license, devise agreement, etc.). Next, locate the agreement you have with a credit card company (or a loan agreement). Locate the clauses regarding dispute resolution. Explain what you found to your classmates. Now that you know more about how dispute resolution works, and you see how it applies to your daily life, will it change your behavior when you make future purchases? Were you surprised at what you found out? Will you read those clauses in the future before you agree to them?
******1-2 pages , 3 references
Q3: Read “For the Manager’s Desk Re: a State of the Union on academic ethics” on page 28 and consider the questions under it in 2.2. Then locate news articles on Operation Varsity Blues. Locate current statistics on academic cheating at the Center for Academic Integrity at Clemson University,
In your paper, consider the relationship between the parents, the schools, the school officials, and the students. What happens to society and when cheating becomes so pervasive? How can schools address these pervasive problems? Should there be laws that punish cheating? What laws apply to the conduct of the parents and school officials?
Create a framework that provides a method for schools and society (and possibly government) to analyze these problems. Include a continuum of severity. Make recommendations for actions at different stages of the continuum. (In other words, should a first time cheater face the same consequences as a multi-time cheater? Are there different degrees of cheating?)
After you have analyzed the situation, make recommendations to educators, parents, students, and government (possibly local school boards?) to institute a culture of ethical behavior.
Please summarize your findings in a six to eight page paper addressing the questions and research related to the ethical issues.  In your summary, please note a strategy that educational leaders can implement to manage the ethical problems in the current educational system.  Please cite all sources.
******6-8 pages
***********make sure that there are a subtitle like what you ganna talk about for this paragraph

Management homework help


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