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Chapter 9
1. How companies take advantage of value chain activities in building strategic alliances? What this process adds to developing competitive advantage? What partners in the best strategic alliances have to offer?
2. Why the choice of partner is important in forming strategic alliances? How this choice affects the stability of alliance building, lead to common goals and benefits partners?
3. How joint venture cooperative agreements are different from other alliance buildings? What are the benefits and pitfalls in these kinds of alliances?
Chapter 10
4. How an e-commerce business can succeed and why many fail in the marketplace? Does leadership matter? What resources they have to have for its success?
5. What kind of resources and structures a business must put behind e-commerce to be successful? What should be the link between the “Brick” and “Click” in any business?
6. What are the benefits and pitfalls in establishing a global e-commerce business? Does that business model complement the traditional brick-and-mortar model or it has to be different? Are there any model to follow for the best relations between “Brick,” and “Click?”


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