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In the seminars, some case studies will be explored, we will then select one to be the focus of your assignment. (detailed below) You will write a consultancy report based on analysing the chosen case, making recommendations and showing how they could be implemented through a project plan.

Assessment information and marking standards:

Assignment word limit: 3000 words
Due Date: 10/Dec 14:00 (UK) Hand in via Turnitin

Your individual coursework will be marked as follows:

This assignment is to conduct a supply chain analysis for the case study has detailed below.  Using the case study you will develop a written consultancy report that provides an analysis of the issue that organisation faces, to establish a global supply chain strategy for a e-learning company based in Germany.
Zeta Spin – Social media explosion 011.docx
Your individual coursework will be marked as follows:
Scenario Analysis- Describe the current situation with the given case study, what is they current capabilities within supply chain management and details the opportunities with future growth of the company.
Supply chain strategies – Define how the case study could establish a global supply chain, making reference to a supply chain theory such as Porters, SCOR and the impact on the company structure. The strategies must include references to the advantages and disadvantages to supply chain outsourcing, risk management, competitors analysis, impact of future technologies in sharing information throughout the supply chain. With the different split of potential markets and manufacturing locations, please find provide different strategies which could affect the supply of parts from manufacturing to the end customer.
Conclusion and recommendations – Provide a clear set of recommendations defining your ideas how to establish a supply chain, based off your academic research.
Academic Rigour – Your assignment should clearly include the academic insight, i.e. the concepts and the supporting references involved, indicated in the report and listed in the references and bibliography.


This assignment is submitted via TurnitinUK.

Other skills and competencies

This assessment will also develop your analytical skills as you will analyse the case.  It will also test your ability to seek out further information, as there is more information available about the organisations.  The assignment is an individual piece of work that is designed to develop your ability to convey your ideas and your report writing skills.

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