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As managers acquire experience some of what they had utilized with regards to their managerial styles change (Bauer and Erdogan, 2015).  For this week, after reading the article on what makes a great manager by Buckingham as cited in HBR (2011) as well as viewing the video that is located under Media and adding other professional resources that you have read, discuss your personal experiences with either how you have seen a manager alter his/her style as time went by or your own personal experience with it.
The discussion post this week should address two items:

  1. Share examples of what you have learned about managing so that the optimum performance, as well as motivation from a team, has been the results.  Take into consideration the article from the last discussion by Walker as cited in HBR (2011) with regards to novice managers and compare the two author’s ideas about management styles.  You may also refer to the other readings and video selections provided in the course if that is a better fit for your work and helps you to build out your research paper.
  2. Additionally, please research for the upcoming research papers and share two  sources in your discussion thread that speaks to your topic area.   You may use a selection from our coursework or a new source.  Please share a comment about how your topic area is relevant to managing and leading others or your approach to the research paper, and why this is an important topic to you.

Bauer, T. & Erdogan, B. (2015). Organizational behavior V2.0.  Washington, DC:  Flat World.
Harvard Business Review. (2011).  HBR’s 10 must reads:  On managing people.  Boston, MA:  Harvard Business Review Press.


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