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Research paper on the construction law topic of “Construction performance disputes”. Expand on this topic to include disputes between subcontractors and general contractors, designers and owners, and of course owners and general contractors. This paper can cover causes for disputes, the result of some disputes, and methods to resolve disputes. Additional sub-topics can cover a discussion of contracts (types; clauses that may be the cause of the dispute; breach of contract), mechanic’s liens, lawsuits, and the economic, financial, and other effects that these disputes have not only on the parties to the dispute but to the public and the profession.
The Writing Assignment must be at least 8-10 pages (plus the Title PageAbstract, and Reference page which are all required) using a minimum of 6 peer-reviewed sources. References used must be from the United States. The paper must be submitted in the APA format. No plagiarism.
This is due October 21, 2020, at 1900 Central Time Zone.


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