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Draft Introduction
Write a one paragraph introduction to the topic with a primary focus on creating a thesis statement for the paper. This thesis statement is critical for ensuring the paper has addressing the same question throughout.
Draft Body Content Outlining Case Study Parameters
Write 1-2 pages of content framing the case study and providing fundamental information on LP. This should address the content of the case study and the introductory information on LP.
In the attached MS Excel file, you’ll find a Solution and Proposal A worksheet. You can change the entry in Cell C22 for the maximum part-time participation policy, which will adjust the number in Cell AD18 in the Solution tab or AE18 in the Proposal A tab as one of the criterion for Solver. The Proposal A is outside of the scope of the Case Study, but includes a new shift where employees are allowed to arrive one hour late and take a lunch at 1200, and staying one hour later to complete their eight-hour day. This only saves the company about $50 a day but may boost employee morale.
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