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In application of the concepts learned in this course, you will  research two   global business-to-business companies of your choice that are in  the same    industry.
Please include the following items in your research  paper:

  •     Introduction   of Global B2B Companies: Introduce each of the B2B          companies (two total),   including a brief overview of their products and          their respective target   markets.
  •    Marketing   Strategies: Compare the marketing strategies for each          company, including their   corporate strategies, business-level strategies,          and functional   strategies.
  •    Business   Model Components: Compare the customer interface, core          strategy, strategic   resources, and value network for each company with a          global perspective. This   should include a competitive analysis chart that          minimally includes both   companies.

Your  essay should be a minimum of three pages, double-spaced, plus a    reference page  and title page. References should include two credible    references beyond the  textbook. Feel free to utilize the CSU Online Library.    All sources used must be  referenced. Include the use of subheadings in your    report. Your research paper  should follow APA formatting and guidelines.


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