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Discussion post- 3 part question, each question has its own reference, 1 reference per question.
1-Gathering and Organizing Your Data
Having identified the types of data you will need, it’s time to gather, review, and organize your data. This is a critical step in preparing to demonstrate to your Board of Directors that there is a legitimate demand for a solution to the problem you want to solve or the opportunity you want to explore.
In your post, answer the following questions:

  • What sources did you use to gather your data, and why did you use these?
  • What impact will any gaps in your data have on the validity of your analysis? How will you address this?
  • How should you organize your data so that important patterns, trends and anomalies are clearly visible?
  • Which analytical method (Descriptive, Predictive, or Prescriptive – see Davenport & Kim pp. 3-5) did you use to assess your data? Why did you choose this method over others?

2-Turning Data into Information
Having framed the problem/opportunity, formulated a testable hypothesis and gathered and organized key data, you are ready to continue your analysis by developing a data story that can be shared with others. To get started, download and review the “Types of Data Analysis” guide from our Week 4 readings, above.

  • Apply one or more of the following analytical tools to your dataset:
    • Correlation
    • Regression
    • Grouping and Visualization
    • Variance
    • Standard Deviation
  • Explain whether your analysis of the data confirmed or refuted your testable hypothesis.

3-Refining Your Data Story
To deliver an effective Board Brief and presentation, you will need to display your data to decision makers in a way that is easy to understand. Respond to the prompts below:

  • What are the most critical elements of your data story that need to be communicated?  Explain.
  • How will you organize and share your data so that it tells a clear and compelling story? (See p. 107 of Davenport & Kim for a list of types of visual graphics used to present data)
  • Select two data display techniques discussed by Duarte in Chapter 6 and/or Chapter 7 and use them to present two important data sets from your analysis.
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