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 1-13. Consider a project in which you are currently involved (or in which you have recently been involved).

  • a. Describe the objectives, scope, schedule, cost, and any assumptions made.
  • b. Where are you in the project life cycle?
  • c. Does this project have a baseline plan? If yes, describe it. If not, create it.
  • d. Are you or is anyone else monitoring the progress of the project? If so, how? If not, how could you do so?
  • e. Describe some unexpected circumstances that could jeopardize the success of the project.
  • f. Describe the anticipated benefits of the project.

After posting your response to the questions above, please respond to at least two other postings of your classmates (Develop your response in nor less than 5 lines)
classmate 1:  Kathleen
A) A tenant in my building has signed a new lease and is moving in. Along with the move in protocols, there is also some construction to be done in the suite before their move in date. Construction the tenant will pay out of pocket is $5,000.00. My objective is to coordinate the construction, send the proposal for approval, have a walk through with the tenant and the GC once the work is done, finally have the tenant sign off on the work and ensure no changes are to be made. Then once they’ve approved everything, we bill them for the work. An assumption with this form of project is that it will be completed by the date I need it done and the tenant is happy with the service and work.
B) My role in the project in the project life cycle is planning, implementation and closure. I go through the project from start to finish. I plan with the GC to get the construction done in a timely manner. I implement any changes the tenant may want and finally, I close the project. Once the construction is done, the tenant signs off on the approval and I conduct a final walk through, my project is complete.
C) The project baseline point is when the lease comes through signed. From that moment on the project commences. Each is different, some may be easier and not require construction. Making it a simple move in project for a new tenant. Others may be more complex and require tenant improvements where I need to make sure I am under the landlord approved budget that was proposed and if it goes over, if that amount is good with the tenant themselves. I have to ensure the progress is moving along swiftly and overall tenant.
D) I would be the one to monitor the progress of the project. As the Assistant Property Manager, this does fall under my scope. However, the Property Manager may want to be involved if the construction is more than usual. He may also just ask for updates on the project, but overall, I run the project from start to end. I maintain open communication with the tenant and the GC. I provide updates to the tenant, I provide feedback to the GC. Send the invoice for any tenant improvements and overall make sure the tenant is satisfied.
E) An unexpected circumstance that can jeopardize the success of the project is when we run into issues meeting the due date. Maybe construction ran into a delay which pushed the project back and now we need to move the tenant in a month later, thus pushing back his rent or even needing the tenant to start paying rent and the suite my not be ready yet.
F) Anticipated benefits of this project are a satisfied tenant. When a tenant is happy with the work performed and the services offered they are more likely to renew their leases with us.
classmate 2 :  Stephanie
I am currently involved in an ISO certification project in my organization.
A. Objective: to get the organization ISO certified
Scope: ISO certification will help the company have better brand awareness among clients.  It will also create brand reliability and trust among clients.
Schedule: It is a 4-month long project.
Cost: Approximately $2,000 including consultant fees, documentation charges, and certification charges.
B. We are currently in the planning phase of the project life cycle.
C. Yes, our project has a baseline since one of our global subsidiaries already had an ISO certification recently.
D. The project is being monitored by senior management along with ISO consultants.  Both are involved in the process of monitoring the progress.
E. Some unexpected circumstances that could jeopardize the success of the project are a serious security breach by a senior management member or a bad client complaint.  Both these issues can jeopardize the success of the project.
F. The anticipated benefits of the project are brand popularity, winning client trust, having a secure environment, no security breaches and documentation of the entire process.


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