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Complete Part B of the Strategic Marketing Plan MOD document posted below ->
Please use the following updated Strategic Marketing Plan Template for your week 4 and week 6 individual assignments, posted just below this sentence:
MKT574v1_StategicMarketingPlanTemplate MOD .docx
Please, use this modified STRATEGIC MARKETING PLAN FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT and complete each section of Part B, respecting sections, sub-sections and titles as they are indicated in the Strategic Marketing Plan template MOD.docx – please complete both the tables and provide for each table descriptive commentary.
Please, make sure that you address the SWOTT (yes two ‘Ts’) with the second T meaning Consumer and Industry Trends. In your Strategic Marketing Plan you must add a section for TRENDS. Also, make sure that the Strategic Marketing Plan addresses both Positioning and Targeting. This is all outlined in the Modified Strategic Plan Template.


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