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  • The student will learn to perform primary research, construct a thesis statement, and write an APA formatted research paper.
  • Choose a leader and then prove that person is a leader using Maxwell traits (the chapters) to prove they are a leader.
    As you conduct your research, consider the following:
  • Look for three traits in the leader you select and discuss these traits with references proving they have these traits.
  • Locate a minimum of four articles related to a specific leader. The articles should all relate to leadership and justify your choice. This will provide the basis for applying your formal research. As always, be sure to provide proper citation for each of your source.


  1. Find traits in your leader from the Maxwell book such as: integrity, influence,  priorities, attitude, self-discipline, staff development, and other traits discussed by Maxwell.
  2. Complete the Entertainment Leader Project worksheets (found below) using the research found.  Do not upload this document to FSO or turnitin.com.
  3. Prepare a five-paragraph essay based on the research you have completed and written following APA guidelines.
  4. Submit the research paper to both FSO and turnitin.com.
  5. Review the example paper found below.
  6. Review the GoToTraining where this assignment is discussed in detail.

Leadership Paper Review: Youtube: https://youtu.be/FpOjlVMw-5c
Lectures for this week:
Maxwell 8, 10(The Developing The Leader Within You 2.0) and Greene 5, 25, and 47(The 48 laws of Power)

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