Marketing homework help

Production is the creation of utilities. A utility is something useful and can be either a tangible or an intangible product (service).
1. Describe the basic differences in marketing tangible from intangible products.
Also, think about your current/past employer (or any company of your choice). 2. Provide a brief overview of the company, including whether it is a service, retail, or manufacturing company.  Identify some of the expenses that are incurred by the company and determine how each of these expenses would be classified using the terminology below. 
3. Then discuss why these cost classifications are important in Managerial Accounting?
Terminology listed below for extra help-  
Websites for terminology-
and what is Managerial Accounting?
Cost Classifications-
Manufacturing and Nonmanufacturing-
Prime cost and conversion-
What is the difference between product cost and period cost-
Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with intext citations and references in APA format.


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