Marketing homework help

Watch the following video case:
1. Describe some of the marketing challenges that VWA faces in achieving their ambitious sales goals in the US according to the video case.
2. According to the video case, how does the US automotive market differ from the rest of the world ‘s automotive markets?
3. Describe the importance of the US market for VW’s worldwide success according to the video case.
4. Describe the Agency “Pitch Process” that Deutsch LA participated in to win the VW business in the US.
5. Describe the rationale behind the “Punch Dub” campaign and how it was developed to promote the entire VW product line.
6. Describe the IMC approach used for the “Punch Dub” Campaign as described in the video case.
Include the different “touch points” that formed part of this campaign.
7. According to the video case, what type of metrics does VWA use to measure the effectiveness of the IMC campaigns?


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