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Q1. What is the basic customer need provided by Domino’s?
Delivery a great pizza business.
Q2. What is the key marketing situation faced by Domino’s?
inability to develop the quality supply chain required to provide the different ingredients for each region
Q3. List Domino’s main marketing strength (consumer view)
Strong brand recognition.  Strong delivery system.  Good understanding of regional taste differences.
Q4. List Domino’s main marketing weakness (consumer view)
Unable to secure quality supply chain ingredients required by different regional preferences.
Q5. State Domino’s central marketing objective
Develop products that are adapted to regional tastes.
Q6. Describe the typical customers purchasing Dominos (target markets)
Younger and families who want to dine-at-home with delivery.
Q7. Describe the typical customer purchasing behavior for Dominos (Impulse, Habitual, Limited or Extended)
Habitual (current users) who love eat pizza, impulse (new users) or limited (unfamiliar with pizza or strict vegetarians), based on experience with the brand.
Q8. How does Dominos capture value?
The case doesn’t address price but using USA experience, there are probably                                                                                 occasional sales, coupons and frequent user (loyalty) programs.
Q9.  How does Dominos communicate value?
For Dominos the value proposition is ingredients for regional taste and fast delivery.  One example of a theme that creates interest and emotion for the target audience is the couple who meets over pizza and fall in love.  The channel seems primarily commercial television.
Q10. Make one value creation recommendation for Dominos?
Value creation means improving the product which in the case of Dominos would be toppings, crust, user instructions for re-heating and storage, etc.


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