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CHAPTER 10 Assignment
Time: 60min
Part One:
Write brief 1-2 page single spaced research paper on the relationship between proposed ergogenic aids and performance.  Each student will choose one substance to research, Table 10-10 can be used as a guide.  Please discuss the following details:

  1. Identify the product and it’s purpose (is it used for purpose other than ergogenic sports aide)
  2. What is the recommended dosage/length of time for use
  3. Which population would most likely use the product
  4. How can this product be obtained (over the counter or illegally)
  5. Read reviews on the product and summarize the general message
  6. How does this product effect performance

Part Two:
Review a popular wellness/transformation program (Beachbody programs, Health and Fitness Infomercial products), based on both diet and exercise programs.  Provide feedback on the following points:

  1. Identify the name, cost, and purpose of the product/program
  2. What is the main focus of the program, what does it “promise”
  3. What is the required length of the program
  4. Outline the exercise requirements of the program and the nutrition guide, provide your own feedback on whether the balance of the exercise and nutrition reccommendations are sound.
  5. Read reviews of the program and summarize the general message
  6. Would you recommend this program to your best friend



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