Marketing homework help

Marketing homework help. Provide a fun, creative, and entertaining mini marketing plan for a CSU Palm Desert Campus or San Bernardino Campus Event scheduled for the week of Monday – Friday May 25 – 29, 2020. For your event you will choose a day, time, location, charity, entertainment, music, food, beverages, and any other activities recommended for the event.
The product to be explained is the tandem bicycle
3-4 single spaced pages • 12 point font • Outline format – many headings and bullets o Follow the sample outline provided you can provide additional headings with bullets (no large paragraphs) • Provide a minimum of 2 references • Make decisions, explain, and justify in detail so a 12 year old could understand • Make sure content is clear and paper is visually pleasing.
1. Target Market (who will be involved and show up, not everyone is interested) Demographics Psychographics Geographic Purchase behavior Communication Style
2. SWOT Analysis
Knowledge: (20 Points) Understanding of the past, current and future market needs. Analysis of basic competitors, products, and opportunities. Referenced where facts and information was acquired.
Thinking: (20 Points) Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats relate to your product. Analysis is clear and thoughtful and is based on market needs competition and any other relevant matters. A welldeveloped explanation of each shows what your product/service does well and identifies both present and potential weaknesses.
Application: (20 Points) A great deal of critical thinking is obvious. Appears that the group has carefully analyzed their collected thoughts and has drawn appropriate conclusions. Unique overall plan that is company and customer focused.
Communication: (20 Points) Work is completed neatly, is well written, logically organized, in outline format, there are no spelling/grammatical errors. There is precise and complex vocabulary used. Sentences are properly written. Your thoughts are clear and thought-provoking. The voice of the student as the writer is evident.
Target Market: (20 Points) The Target Market is very well defined. A well-defined assessment of the market, demographics, psychographics, and financial ability are included. Expectations are to see unique characteristics from the well-defined demographics and psychographics with references.

Marketing homework help


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