Marketing homework help

  1. IN YOUR OWN WORDS, provide a clear and concise definition of “Marketing”.

The answer must include every key aspect of marketing and be no longer than 3 sentences (preferably 2 or fewer).   Do not directly quote and do not plagiarize though you may use some of the same words and concepts.

  1.  In one or two sentences for each step, number, label and briefly explain each step of the consumer decision-making process for a high involvement product. Be sure to include all of the important aspects of each step that we discussed but without becoming too verbose.


  1. Write a USP based on the KickStarter product, Meater.

Here’s the link:
The video might not play but it is not necessary to get enough information to complete this question.
Note that this USP must be targeted toward the eventual CONSUMERS of the product, and NOT the potential investors.
Closely follow the rules of USP writing as discussed in class and in the PowerPoint slides.
Write the USP ONLY and not the entire process of how you developed the USP.


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