Marketing homework help

Marketing homework help.

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  • Use personal influence with a group or team.
  • Identify the behaviors that exemplify the leadership truths.
  • Understand the stages of team development.
  • Explain how motivation impacts performance.


The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity to express understanding of content associated with the chapters covered in Week Two (Values Drive CommitmentFocusing on the Future Sets Leaders Apart, and You Can’t Do It Alone). For this assignment, you must use the Full Sail Online Library resources for at least one source in answering the questions. Make sure you clearly indicate which source(s) are from the online library. To access the Full Sail Library sources, go to Connect/Departments/Library. You will see a list of databases available. The library is open Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 9:00 pm and Saturday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm and can be reached at x8438.
Chapter Five discusses the importance of working in teams and the importance of emotional intelligence in both your personal and social skills. How well are you in these areas? The goal of this week’s discussion is to use the resources from this week to develop, create, and implement a team activity with you being the leader.


First Post – due Thursday by 11:59pm EST *Due date extended due to the nature of the activity. Use this time to create an amazing activity! 
Persuade at least four to eight people to do some notable activity together for at least two hours that they would not otherwise do without your intervention. Your only restriction is that you cannot tell them why you are doing this. The group can be any group of people: friends, family, teammates, club members, neighbors, students, or work colleagues. It can be almost any activity except for watching television, eating, going to a movie, or just sitting around talking. It must be more substantial than that. Some options include a party, an organized debate, a songfest, a long hike, a visit to a museum, or volunteer work such as picking up litter, visiting a nursing home, or helping on a community project.
After completing your leadership activity, be prepared to discuss: 
1. What was the activity selected? Use specifics to describe your activity including who attended (friends, family, co-workers, etc), location, and date. What did it feel like to make something happen in the world that would not have happened otherwise without you?
2. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is important to develop to build relationships with others. How did you use EQ to empower others, listen to individual needs, and build relationships?
3. With this act of leadership, what values did you exemplify? (Use the Values Drive Commitment chapter concepts in your response.)
4. Were your members a group or a team? Using the stages of team development (Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing), describe the specific behaviors that describe the stage you chose. If you were not a team, how could you continue with these individuals to build a community?
5. What leadership truths from the textbook did you apply? How did you apply these?
6. Make sure you are connecting your thoughts to outside research in order to earn all possible points. For this assignment, you must use at least one Full Sail online library resource. Indicate which source is from the Full Sail online library. These sources are outside of the course materials provided. The information from your sources should be integrated into your post for full credit. Include basic source information (link for website; author, title, date for non-website). However, you are not required to use APA formatting in discussion boards.
Second Post – due between Friday and Sunday by 11:59pm EST 
Do not limit the second discussion post to “I agree,” “That’s great” and so forth. Substantiate the position by using meaningful observations to corroborate it, such as professional experiences, relationships, and citing scholarly sources etc. when appropriate. As a guide for high quality response posts, use the RISE model, which encourages the steps as outlined in the rubric.

Marketing homework help


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