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I want you to read one of the articles (it does not need to be the most recent or the front page content).  However, I want you to read and report on an article and the article must address the changes in business, sales, marketing and advertising that have evolved due to the pandemic.
Then I want you to explain what you believe are the most interesting new business adaptations will make 2021 a better year than 2020.  More critically, I want you to consider what a post-pandemic marketing world will look like.  We have already seen progress in new business models like delivery services, and healthcare management (remote versus in person).  What else is likely to improve our daily life as we adapt to the possibility of a vaccine, a recovery both economically and physically as a healthy population, and new technolgy advancement due to necessity.
For responses, I want you to take one of the concepts from another post, and follow it through.  Describe it in more detail and add some of your own context to it, based on your own search.
1. The article that I read was Today Cofepris will define whether to authorize the application of the Pfizer vaccine in Mexico. Since COVID first started, many business shut down or had the employees working from home, which can make it very difficult for the employees. The article states that Canada will most likely approve the vaccine and have it available for the public to recieve it. I think it would be great if more countries start approving the vaccine and having it available, because I do believe that will help slow everything down and get back to a bit of normalcy. However, I also believe the there will be many business that will decide to continue working from home even if the vaccine is available and we have gotten back to a normalcy, because they have found it easier to work from home and do not have to pay rent for an office building. For example, I believe that Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation will continue to work from home, even after all of this is over, because they have found it nice to work from home and helps them financially since they do not have to pay rent for their office building. Also, because of COVID it has helped them become more tech savvy, which has helped them more financially.
2. Looking at the article about the liveleness on our bisnesses and such, you can see a lot of different changes in the buisness world today. This artile explains that focuses in what the world is looking into.
The new adaptaitions that are pretty helpfull on the pandemic was the delivery idea. However, i think due to all of the things that has happened, adding all the addaptations to the world doesnt help a lot of buisnesses stay in buisness. The fact that adding the adaptaion of lessening the amount of people working in a space at once is hurting a lot of people. In looking into a post pandemic moment i see more places opening and things going back to normal. When looking when the vaccine is possible it makes the possible future picutre come into play. I start to see more normality that could be added to this world. Hoping the pandemic ends fast but with everything to come it all has come to be decently able to acceptable.


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