Mathematics homework help

Mathematics homework help.

Assignment Instructions

Gather and Analyze Data

You have been charged with creating a survey for your community! The community is interested in having you create a survey and present the results at the next town hall meeting.
In this project, students will:
Learn about quantitative variables.

  1. Learn to analyze data for measures of central tendency (mean, median and mode)
  2. Learn to create an effective presentation with real-world conclusions.

To complete this project you will:
Think of a problem within your community or workplace. The problem needs to be something others will have an interest in solving or will want to share reactions to.

  1. Create a 10 question survey with quantitative variables (number) on a topic you are interested in. Think of questions where 0 is dislike there is a scale to 4- like. Another way to do this is using 0-never, 1 sometimes, 2 frequently, and 3 always.
  2. Administer the survey to a minimum of 10 people.
  3. Analyze your data for the mean, median, and mode of each questions.
  4. Create a visual from this chapter: bar graph, box and whisker plot, histogram, stem and leaf plot. etc.
  5. Compile the information into a slide presentation, of at least 5 slides,  to present at the next town hall. The presentation should present: the mean, median, and mode of each question, the visual of the data, and conclusions based on the statistics you found in the survey.

Length/Formatting Instructions

Length 2-2.5 pages   Font 12 point , Calibri Font, no more than 1″ margins   Program/File Type Submit in Word   Attachments Should be pasted into the Word document if possible.   Referencing system APA referencing system is necessary in assignments, especially material copied from the Internet.
For examples of correct citations, visit the following links:
File Name

Gather and Analyze Data Grading Rubric

Your work will be evaluated on the following criteria:
CATEGORY Exemplary Satisfactory Unsatisfactory Unacceptable   Presentation Style – Organization, Transitions, Tone 15 points
The assignment is presented with excellent organization, thoughtful transitions, and the appropriate tone. 12 points
This presentation is adequately organized, but has some errors in the transitions or the tone. Presentation lacks adequate visuals. 6 points
This presentation assignment is poorly organized, or it contains ineffective transitions and/or inappropriate tone. Presentation lacks adequate visuals. 0 points
This presentation assignment displays little to no organization or transitions, and/or does not use the appropriate tone. Presentation lacks visuals.   Application to the Real World 40 points
The response indicates a high level application of statistics in the real world. The presentation demonstrates a complete understanding and analysis of survey responses. 32 points
The response indicates a basic application of statistics to the real world. The response demonstrates a clear understanding and analysis of survey responses. 16 points
The response indicates an incomplete application of statistics in the real world. The response demonstrates a conceptual understanding and analysis of survey responses. 0 points
The response indicates little or no application and analysis of survey responses.   Accuracy 45 points
The entire assignment was completed with dedicated attention to the directions. Outstanding effort and work exceeds expectations. All work is shown and calculations are accurate. 30 points
Most of the assignment was completed with attention to the directions but some parts are missing. Good effort and work meets expectations. Most calculations are accurate.
15 points
Assignment was completed but attention to the directions was spotty or parts of the assignment are missing. Some effort was made and work meets minimal expectations. Only some calculations are accurate.
0 points
Assignment is incomplete and/or directions were not followed. Lacks many elements. Appears that little or no effort was made. Calculations are not

Mathematics homework help


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