me Information Systems homework help

me Information Systems homework help.

Based on what you have learned from your readings and research into areas of network telecommunications project management. Carry your research even further by exploring the overall concept of project management or general management practices applied to telecommunication networks covering areas not limited to:

  • Management and production of network technologies along      with operation support systems.
  • Management of methods, procedures, multidisciplinary      activities, and even international activities.
  • Management of applications, associated content, and      services.
  • Management of temporary and specialized      telecommunication networks along with complex interfaces.

Then prepare a prepare a five-page paper discussing in scholarly detail how you, as a network and telecommunications manager, would use and apply the managing areas above into the development, implementation, and efficient operations of a telecommunications network. In addition, various areas of this paper will include operational management processes and proposed processes especially in the concluding section of the paper need to be supported with management related flow diagrams.
Tip: Since management of networks and telecommunications will require you to recognize and enumerate associations among entities and processes in any given telecommunication system, researching concepts and theory into the strategic efforts of systems analysis and design will be helpful into your management analysis of this paper. For the Mac, OmniGroup’s OmniGraffle is an excellent choice at a modest cost.
Microsoft Visio
Smart Draw
Important Note: It is highly recommended in any areas of computer and information technology that you have access to drawing software. These software packages may include Microsoft Visio or Smart Draw. In the short term, Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, and 2013 includes SmartArt tools which can be useful to prepare diagrams.
General Paper Requirements:

  • Paper will need to include an APA cover page.
  • Paper will need to include a 100 to 150      word abstract.
  • Paper will need to be a minimum of 2,000      words not including the cover page, abstract, and reference page.
  • Paper will need to be supported with a minimum of three      academic resources, one of which can be the textbook.
  • Paper will include flow diagrams embedded and or pasted      to correlate processes of management covered or proposed.
  • Paper will need to follow all general formatting to      meet APA standards of professional writing and research documentation      including a complete reference page.

me Information Systems homework help


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