Microeconomics Essay

Minimum 1,200-word (approx. 5 page) Paper on a Microeconomist of interest to the student about  William Baumol (1922-2017) ‒ Entrepreneurship (Micro)
Approval in advance: Economist for Paper must be approved in advance by the Instructor. It must be about: William Baumol (1922-2017) ‒ Entrepreneurship (Micro)
an Economist most of whose work was in Microeconomics, who refers to a principle discussed in this course.
Grading Rubric: in three equal parts (too short Papers will have reduced credit):

  1. 1Paper considerations (33%): Writing ability, over minimum length, knowledge of the topic, grammar & spelling (use a Spellcheck). Use APA, MLA or Chicago Style rules.
  2. 2Research (33%): A “Works Cited” page must be included, with not fewer than three (3) academic-level references, whether online or hardcopy, PLUS a reference to the specific relevant section of the Textbook — for a total of (4) references — Wikipedia is NOT acceptable as a reference, NOR ANY dictionary, NOR is a blog, nor general news sites such as Fox News, USA Today, Huffington Post, etc. The Economist is fine, as are The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business Week, and other reputable business-oriented publications. “Works Cited” page MUST be included. Simply listing websites is NOT ACCEPTABLE — they must be identified clearly, stating the writer if known, publication, date, etc, as with any normal reference.

3Analysis (33%): Topic must be specifically related to one of the economics topics (Competitive Industries, Supply & Demand, Elasticity, Consumer & Supplier Surplus, etc) as studied in our Economics class, WHICH MUST BE IDENTIFIED, using a graph or written description clarifying how the situation or economist in the Paper added to our understanding of this topic.


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