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Article Analysis and Evaluation of Research Ethics

Article Citation and Permalink
(APA format)
Article 1
Point Description
Broad Topic Area/Title  
Problem Statement
(What is the problem research is addressing?)
Purpose Statement
(What is the purpose of the study?)
Research Questions
(What questions does the research seek to answer?)
Define Hypothesis
(Or state the correct hypothesis based upon variables used)
Identify Dependent and Independent Variables and Type of Data for the Variables  
Population of Interest for Study  
Sampling Method  
Identify Data Collection
Identify how data were collected
Summarize Data Collection Approach  
Discuss Data Analysis
Include what types of statistical tests were used for the variables.
Summarize Results of Study  
Summary of Assumptions and Limitations
Identify the assumptions and limitations from the article.
Report other potential assumptions and limitations of your review not listed by the author.

Ethical Considerations
Evaluate the article and identify potential ethical considerations that may have occurred when sampling, collecting data, analyzing data, or publishing results. Summarize your findings below in 250-500 words. Provide rationale and support for your evaluation.


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