Nursing homework help

Nursing homework help. Advanced Pharmacology 
Choose two diagnoses from the following list:
· Migraine
· Seizure Disorder
· Alzheimer’s Disease
· Bell’s Palsy
· Insomnia
For each of the two diagnoses you choose, select two drug categories used for treatment.
For each of the two drug categories, choose two specific pharmacological agents.
Include the following in your initial post:
· Your individual post should be in five well-developed paragraphs (500-700) words total).
· Explanation of the pathophysiology of the diagnosis.
· Description of the drug category: Overview of use/action.
· Analysis of the specific agents:
· Pharmacokinetics/pharmacotherapeutics, adverse drug reactions, interactions, monitoring, patient education
Integrate sources: Use a minimum three additional evidence-based articles within the last 5yrs only or sources (do not use lay press Internet sites).

Nursing homework help


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