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Possible reservation include respecting Sister mary’s decision if she choses not to participate in assessment invovling private areas, or if she would prefer a female nurse instead of a male nurse. Also, if Sister Mary prefrs that certain areas of hte assessmetn is ommitted, she needs to be respected. Also, during imaging, if Sister mary choses to wear any crucifix or any religious items with her so long as this does not interfere with the imaging, allow her to do that. In working with Sister Mary, the healthcare professional must be non-judgmental and should eliminate prejudice and biases that she may have and treat Sister Mary with utmost dignity and respect. Patient-centered care must be provided to Sister Mary as with other patients.
Emotional support and alleviation of fear and anxiety are another major tenants of patient-centered care nursing. Fear and anxiety which is closely associated with disease and morbidities are debilitating and negatively affects patient care. The patient-centered nursing care promotes caregivers and healthcare providers to pay attention to anxiety on the physical condition of the client, the course of treatment and the outcome of the treatment, the anxiety over the impact of the treatment and the condition on the client and the family, and lastly, anxiety over the financial impact of illness (Rozenblum, 2013). Involvement and family friends, therefore, plays an important role in supporting the client for wellness. Patient-centered nursing delivery recognizes and accommodation for family and friends, provide support to the family and the caregivers, involves them in the decision-making and recognize their needs.
Rozenblum, R. (2013). Patient Experience and Patient-Centered Care – Do We really Care?. Postdoc Journal.
There are many psychosocial factors that can influence the patient/nurse relationship. These factors include past experiences, gender, age, religion and cultural background among others (Falvo,2011). The nurse should assess not only the patients psychosocial factors but also their own. In the case of Sister Mary the biggest reservation for working with Sister Mary would be the religious beliefs between the nurse and Sister Mary. Being a Nun and an obvious devout Catholic if the nurse caring for Sister Mary doesn’t have those religious beliefs it could interfere with the nurse/patient relationship. The nurse could be intimidated by Sister Mary because she is so ingrained in religion and what if the nurse wasn’t religious but instead spiritual. The nurse could also not believe in any type of higher power which would make it even harder to deal with the beliefs of Sister Mary. However, to have a effective experience with Sister Mary the nurse shouldn’t put her beliefs onto Mary and instead focus on the needs of the patient. If Sister Mary requests a priest be present or to have only female providers the nurse should do everything in her power to ensure that she is made as comfortable as possible. Also even if the views of the patient and the nurse do differ it is important that the nurse focuses the care on the patient and their needs. Many times in my nursing career I haven’t agreed with how my patients believe but I still provide them with the best care available to them.
Falvo, D. (2011) Sixth Edition. Effective Patient Education: A Guide to Increased Adherence. Jones and Bartlett Publishers.


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