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Note: You must review the Module Assignment in Week 9 for your initial post in this Discussion. You will develop interview questions for that Assignment, and this Discussion requires you to reflect on how you might apply your learning from this week to those questions.

  • Research and find one peer-reviewed article related to an ANA functional area that you would like to further develop as a nurse informaticist.
  • The Library recommends the following:
    •  Navigate to the Nursing Research databases.
    •  Select a database with which to start. You can try more than one.
    •  Perform a basic search with one of the functional areas that are listed in the text. You don’t necessarily need to use the exact wording of the functional areas. For example, “Development of Systems, Products, and Resources” might be expressed as “systems development.” Look at your initial results to see if the wording fits your topic.
    • Add a second concept in Box 2 to focus your search. It helps to keep concepts separate, especially when multiple boxes are provided. Try: informatics.
    • Refine your results depending on what you find. Don’t be afraid to try alternate words or combinations of words to get a sizeable hit list, then you can apply limits.
    • To apply limits, scroll down in the left column to limit by date (last 5 years) and limit the results to peer-reviewed scholarly journals only. It helps to do this after you know you have performed a successful search and identified possible synonyms and sub-topics.
  • Use the Annotated Biobibliography template in the Resources to write an annotated bibliography entry, focusing on how the chosen article applies to developing your functional area as a nurse informaticist.
By Day 3 of Week 8

Post your annotated bibliography entry directly in the Discussion thread (i.e., do not upload the Annotated Bibliography template). Your article analysis should focus on how the chosen article applies to further developing your functional area as a nurse informaticist. Then, explain how learning from the article might influence your questions for your Module Assignment interview. Be specific.


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