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 A. Term Paper (10 pages – I will not read any text beyond ten pages) Must be submitted to turn-it-in by the end of the day (11:59 PM).
In a detailed, tightly argued ten-page paper, with frequent reference (without copying) to text and class material:
• Provide a list of the top four most important social determinants of health and explain why you think these are important. How are they related to each other? (20%).
• Discuss how Canadian public policy – laws and regulations — shapes the quality and distribution of these social determinants of health (20%).
• Identify two groups of Canadians who are experiencing especially high rates of COVID-19. Describe their living and working situations. Identify two groups of Canadians who appear to be less likely to suffer from COVID-19. Describe their living and working situations. (20%).
• What are some of the groups that would resist having the social determinants of health being improved in Canada? Why would they have these attitudes? (20%.)
• What are some of the specific public polices – laws and regulations — that would make the distribution of income and wealth more equitable in Canada? (20%). Insert page numbers. DO NOT USE ANY QUOTATIONS. Use your own words.
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