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(This is the feedback from my professor to my prompt)
Thanks for sharing this situation with us and how you were able to show the integrative negotiation process that ended in a win-win situation and potential salary increase. This week we also learned about distributive negotiation and “fixed-pie.” Share with us in your own words what “fixed-pie” is and why it does/does not apply to your situation that illustrated integrative negotiation.
On this week’s task we have to research about integrative negotiation and bargaining. One of the main important things to do is to define the situation because it is important when helping to determine what you will be negotiating your issues to complete a solution. Interest are also the primary factor of integrative negotiation. Being able to identify your own interest and those of the other party and being able to find a solution for all parties it’s a good thing when it comes to negotiating.
Food Server: Incorrectly submitted an order for a vegetarian couple, their meals were sent to the table with chicken.
Couple: Demanded to Speak to a manager.
Manager: invites them to have a conversation in a private location to listen to their concerns.
Couple: When they were finished addressing their concerns, they proceeded to add that a Birthday dinner was ruined as they were served chicken when they are vegetarians.
Food Server and Manager: Discussed with the couple different ways to compensate them for the unfortunate experience that took place.
Couple: Explained they did not want a free or discounted meal, they wanted to ensure situations like that didn’t happen again and that employees have proper training.
Manager: Proudly informed them of their rigorous training program. He also made sure to inform them that the servers are human, and they do make mistakes.
Couple: Agreed with the manager but informed him that mistakes very dangerous like this shouldn’t happen.
Manager: Informed the general manager of the situation because they wanted to make things right even though the couple refused to any compensation. General manager sent the couple a $100 gift certificate and a formal letter of apology for failing to meet their expectations.
Couple: Decided to accept that humans make mistake and took them up on the offer and gave the restaurant a second chance.
Aggressiveness is not inappropriate when negotiating integratively. Digging deeper to find relevant information and standing in what you believe in to be able to negotiate properly can really help. Also, separating the person from the problem and recognizing and understand that emotions are an inevitable part of the bargaining process. “everyone involved in the negotiation process works together to generate as many possible solutions to the problem as possible” (Friedman, 1998).


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