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HLT 121 Final Assignment- Worth 40pts
Choose one of the topics below. The breakdown of your pager should be as follows:
1. Address the topic with an opening page (1 page)
2. Content -answer the questions (8 pages)
3. Summary (1 page).
Your paper should be 10 pages total not including the reference page. (double spaced)
Ø Include a reference page of no less than 8 references one of which must be your text. Make sure your references are documented MLA style. Consult the TCC library. There is a specific way to cite a web reference. Make sure you do it correctly. Citing just the website is not correct.
Ø Submit by the due date or before. No late papers accepted.
Ø Call or email me if you have any questions or concerns.
For whichever topic you choose include a two of the items below that relate to your topic.
o Evidence-based treatment practices.
Addiction treatment outcomes.
Addiction, psychiatry and the brain.
o Addictive substances such as prescription opioids and heroin.
Substance abuse in youth/teens, older adults and other demographic groups such as health care or legal professionals.
Topics –
Addiction to things (video games, shopping, gambling, eating etc)
· Identify the addiction.
· What are the signs of an addiction to anything?
· What are the statistics for this type of addiction? What age group or demographic is it prevalent in? Any culture?
· Are there support systems or resources for this type of addiction?
· Any personal experiences with this addiction either with yourself or someone you know?
· Are there any health benefits to alcohol consumption? If so what? Has this changed in the past year or so?
· Does the alcohol industry behave responsibly in marketing their products?
· What can we, as a society, do to reduce the problems associated with alcohol use?
· Does AA work? Why or why not? With the ACA laws now in place, what are alternatives?
War on Drugs 
· Is the “war on drugs” succeeding? If so, in what ways?
· Are any of the current drug policies working? If so, in what ways?
· Should some or all illegal drugs be legalized? If so, which ones and why?
· Should marijuana be legalized for medicinal purposes, if not for recreational use?
· What would you do to improve the drug epidemic just in your community?
Tobacco and e-cigarettes
· Should consumers have to pay a higher insurance premium because they smoke or use tobacco products? What about e-cigarettes?
· What are health studies saying about the health impact of e-cigarettes vs tobacco cigarettes? Do we know enough about e-cigarettes to really understand the long term health effects? (CDC may be a place to start)
· Is there a connection between e-cigarettes and smoking? Meaning if a persons starts vaping are they more likely or less likely to take up cigarettes?
· What is the impact to children from e-cigarettes?
Submit your assignment here on the assignment tab. Do not email to me or you will lose 15pts right off the top. No late assignments accepted.
Start early because as you know by now life happens when you are doing other things!
Plagiarized papers will receive an automatic 0. 
5 pts off for no reference page.
Your papers will be graded according to the following criteria:
· Requirements followed __
· Minimum 10 pages__
· Format followed __
· Submitted on time and in proper manner __
· Content __ (well organized, researched and thought out)
· Proper grammar and spelling __
· Proper MLA citation format utilized __
· No plagiarism __
· Text included as one of your references__


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