Nursing homework help

 Debate topic: Nursing curriculum needs an overhaul: Redesigning a nursing curriculum VS. Nursing education is providing the ultimate educational experience for nursing students and no adjustment is required
Given that you will be graduating very shortly, reflect back on your academic journey. Consider the courses that you took for your general education requirements and your nursing courses. Please answer the following questions:

  1. What courses did you enjoy and why?
  2. What courses did you not enjoy and why? Did the course meet the QSEN requirements?
  3. What would you change regarding the nursing curriculum? What courses would you remove and/or add? Remember all courses added must adhere to the QSEN competencies and meet approval of the WSBON.
  4. Has Covid impacted nursing education for the better in any way or has it provided a significant barrier to learning?

Come to class prepared to discuss these questions. Be prepared to discuss your rationales for any changes you would implement.
Please upload your answers to the above questions into Canvas.
Here is the link for the QSEN Institute to reveiw the QSEN competencies for pre-liscensure nursing education (Links to an external site.)
Here is a link for the WBON self evaluation for approval of nursing curriculum. If you have suggestions for curriculum changes, use this tool to review if a suggestioned revision would meet the approval of the WSBON
Here are a few articles that may be helpful on this topic (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)


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