Operations Management homework help

Requirements: UpTown Swirl 
You must complete slide 7,9, and 10 based upon Uptown Business Financials Excel Workbook attached. Again, the information must be relevant and related to the attached excel workbook.
Business Model:
Relevant information to UpTown Swirl Business which is a located in Raleigh, NC. The business is a Milkshake, Frozen Yogurts and Bite-Size Dessert business that serves organic products and gluten-free placement of all-purpose flour.
Funding Seeking:
Relevant information to UpTown Swirl Business Financial EXCEL Workbook. You will provide two columns for Sources of Funding and the Use of Funds from the provided in the Business Financial EXCEL Workbook. Again, the funding must come from Business Financial EXCEL Workbook.
Why Investors should Invest in UpTown Swirl
State five (5) key bullet point significant reasons why investors should invest into UpTown Swirl Business based upon Business Financial EXCEL Workbook and business idea.
Remarks: You should have bullets, relevant images on the slides but no paragraphs or full sentences.  Be creative. 


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