Operations Management homework help

Operations Management homework help. Instructions for Case Analyses
Case Analyses allow students to apply concepts from the course to business situations. Theories,
vocabulary, and examples from the readings should be used. Clear and concise writing shows an
ability to directly relate learned material to the Cases. Headings and subheadings should be used to
delineate which issue and category is being addressed. Use these guidelines along with the stated
assessment criteria to craft your case analyses.
Relevant Facts –
(A) Overview of pertinent points.
(B) Describe the background of the situation or business that is relevant to the ethical problem(s)
or dilemma(s) of the Case.
(C) Highlight information that sets the context for analysis.
Ethical Issues –
(A) State the ethical problem(s) or dilemma(s)
(B) Demonstrate a comprehension of ethical concepts.
(C) Describe the ethical aspects of the Case.
Identifying Stakeholders –
There are always a set of “usual suspects” in a Case, so be sure to list everyone who might be
connected. Remember that business decisions have far reaching effects, so consider anyone
who might be affected by the ethical considerations of the Case.
Possible Alternatives –
(A) Identify solutions can be described for each ethical issue identified.
(B) List all solutions and approaches to identified ethical issues.
(C) Alternatives may be drawn from the Case, Readings, or personal experience including
outside readings
Ethics of the Alternatives –
(A) Critically assess the alternatives identified for possible recommendation.
(B) Describe the ethical implications of each alternative.
(C) Consider external and internal aspects of ethical proposals.
(D) Apply the “utilitarian” perspective (costs and benefits).
1. Which of the alternatives would provide the greatest benefit to the greatest number?
2. What are the costs in each of the alternatives?
3. Which of the alternatives has the highest “cost” factor associated with it?
4. Do the benefits of honesty at all costs outweigh the benefits of obeying the directive?
of a supervisor?
(E) Apply the “rights” perspective.
1. What does the stakeholder have the right to expect?
2. Which of the alternatives would you want if you were each of the stakeholders?
(F) Apply the “justice” perspective (benefits and burdens).
1. Which alternative distributes the benefits and burdens most fairly among the
2. Which stakeholders are most affected by each alternative?
Practical Constraints –
(A) Possible obstacles to the implementation of the identified alternatives.
(B) Ethical problems that may come up in executing each alternative.
(C) What unwanted outcomes may result from each alternative?
(D) What aspects of the market might obstruct each alternative?
Specific Action –
(A) Make a recommendation
(B) Analysis should provide context for whatever is recommended.
(C) Support recommendations with the readings or other literature.
Writing Skill –
Students, teachers, employees, managers, and even corporations are judged by their ability to
communicate. Sadly, communication is somewhat dependent upon the form of presentation,
and while it is unfair to penalize a writer for not having a native facility with the language they
are using, it is fair to reward a writer for presenting ideas in an organized, and understandable
fashion. Again, use obvious headings and subheadings. Remember, less is more. Executive
Summaries present items summarily. Legal briefs are called “brief” for a reason. Concise and
eloquent (not prosaic or elaborate) writing will be rewarded.
Structural Requirements
Using outside resources is encouraged and additional readings round out a student’s
understanding of the issues. Use the APA style to identify References used in the analysis. All
ideas come from somewhere, so it is fair to ask writers to disclose their sources.
Extra Credit
Thinking outside of the box in this context should be rewarded, not penalized. Don’t be afraid
to exercise the imagination, and share a unique vision of the Case.

Operations Management homework help


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