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BSBWRK520 – Manage Employee Relations

  1. Explain the relevant industrial relations legislation or regulations in Australia that apply to your business construction? (150 words)
  2. Summarise the enterprise and workplace bargaining processes that apply to your business? (100 words)
  3. Summarise key entities in the current Australian industrial relations system, including courts and tribunals, trade unions and employer bodies that are relevant to the business your work in or would like to work in? (150 words)
  4. Identify sources of expert advice that you could use in your area? (50 words)
  5. Discuss key features of relevant organisational policies and procedures? (100 words)
  6. Outline the key features of organisational objectives. (150 words)
  7. What should training programs include? (50 words)
  8. Identify at least 10 options for conflict resolution based on the hierarchy of control. Answer must be in bullet points. (100 words)
  9. What types of documentation could you evaluate to clarify issues in dispute? (100 words)
  10. Expert of specialist services relating to conflict resolution may include what? (100 words)
  11. What process might you use to negotiate outcomes, strategy, and timeframes for conflict resolution? (100)
  12. What information might you provide in negotiation to obtain an agreement? (50 words)
  13. What is the process that could be used for resolution for outcomes? (50 words)
  14. Documented agreements should be what? (100 words)
  15. What type of actions can you take if groups or individuals do not abide the agreement? (100 words)



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