Operations Management homework help

Need questions 2 – 8 answered. Must use the excel spreadsheet attached.
2.  If there are an upper and lower specifi cation, wherethe upper thickness limit is 2.4 and the lower thick-ness limit is 1.4, what fraction of the output is expected to be out of tolerance?
3. What is the Cpk for the process?
4. What would be the Cpk for the process if it were centered between the specification limits (assume the process standard deviation is the same)?
5. What percentage of output would be expected to be out of tolerance if the process were centered?
6. Set up __ X – and range control charts for the current process. Assume the operators will take samples of 10 washers at a time.
7. Plot the data on your control charts. Does the cur-rent process appear to be in control?
8. If the process could be improved so that the stan-dard deviation were only about 10 millimeter, what would be the best that could be expected with the processes relative to fraction defective?
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