Outline And Paper

Outline And Paper. Second outline. QUESTION : Select at least 5 momentous decisions which best reveal either great wisdom or tragiclost opportunity between 1450–1750 CE. For each, apply your historical hindsight todetermine the following: First – What was possible to understand at the time by thedecision-makers? Second – What were the most significant forces working on thedecision-makers? And third – What were the probable outcomes of alternative decisions,meaning “those not taken”?
The goal of the Project Period Question Outlines is for students to practice constructing and demonstrating historical arguments using historical concepts and evidence. This assignment is designed so that students can demonstrate their competency in the historical content, in their historical skills, and their analytical thinking.
For EACH Project Period, you are expected to outline EACH exam question demonstrating your argument THROUGH EVIDENCE. Students will use concepts, evidence and examples from class dialogue and source texts to support their argument. The Project Period Question Outlines are a brief, structured presentation of your argument.
You are free to format your Project Period Question Outlines however you wish. A template will be provided if you wish to use it. However, the requirements below must be clear.
ALL OUTLINES must have:

  • Title
  • Thesis Underlined
  • Structured Argument
  • Evidence and Specific Examples
  • Citations for ALL evidence
  • Narrative exploration of question implications

To RECEIVE A PASSING GRADE on the outlines, the student must effectively and thoroughly answer the exam question through evidence and examples from class discussion, assigned texts and available resources to support your conceptual argument.
Grading Criteria (weighted equally)

  • Content: Did I answer the question, all of the question, and all that was implied by the question?
  • Argument: Did I present a solid thesis and a reasonable progression of ideas?
  • Examples: Did I include the best examples and illustrations to demonstrate the validity of my ideas and concepts (including relevant graphic presentations from the text, class dialogue and other sources)?
  • Citations: Did I mention and cite specific evidence from the appropriate reading material, class dialogue, and my own original ideas (each should comprise approximately 1/3 of the essay’s content)?
  • Conclusion: Did I discuss the implications of the question?

Disqualifying Criteria
If when completing your assignment any one of the following apply your submission will be automatically disqualified and receive no credit:

  • Plagiarism
  • Submission does not relate to the assignment
  • No sources cited
  • Submission includes blatant hate speech
  • Missing a majority of assignment elements in grading criteria

 ESSAY – THIS IS BASED ON THE FIRST OUTLINE YOU SENT OVER.  (Between the first days of the recovery in Afro-Eurasia to the middle of the 18th Centurythere were both winners and losers in the game of wealth and power. List, in rank order,the most significant groups of winners and losers. What factors best explain the relativeconditions of the groups on your lists? Connect causes and consequences to each. Werethese outcomes inevitable? If so, why?)

  • Due Sep 22 by 11:59pm
  • Points 50
  • Submitting a website url or a file upload

The essay exams are designed for the student to demonstrate their understanding of the course material, utilizing the historians’ toolkit and analytical thinking. For each exam period, the written essay exam will be one of the exam questions given at the beginning of the exam period.
All essay exams will be in formal essay format. It will be necessary for you to select, organize and present material from the readings, class discussions, and your own ideas (not opinion).
Requirements in Brief

  1. Typed
  2. Titled
  3. Double-spaced
  4. 12pt Font & 1in Margins
  5. You must use both primary and secondary sources.
  6. All sources must be cited using footnotes in the Chicago Style.

Plagiarism will result in a failing grade. All exams are due on the due date assigned. Length of the essay is not as important as the quality. I will grade your essay according to the grading criteria, not on its length.

Outline And Paper


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