Political Science homework help

Research Paper Proposal
Paper Format:

  • MLA Style
  • Double-spaced
  • 1-inch margin
  • 12-font
  • The paper proposal should be 2 pages in length


  • Topic is up to you to decide. A good topic will engage the course literature and lectures.
  • You will be expected to fully engage your topic, research question, and address all the issues in that area of international relations.
  • You can choose your own topic about an historical or current event or person as seen from the perspective of a philosopher. For example, what would Plato have said about the election of President Trump? How would Arendt have understood the popular hysteria leading to the Rwandan Genocide?

The first page explains your topic and should include:

  1. A working title
  2. A research question
  3. 1-2 paragraphs explaining the subject of research and why this project is important for understanding international relations

The second page will be an annotated bibliography.

  1. You will locate 4-6 sources that are important for understanding your topic.
  2. Following the citation of your chosen source there will be 1-3 sentences explaining how/why this source will support your topic.
  3. Only peer reviewed journals and/or university press books are acceptable. Some popular journals like Newsweek or the Economist could be used. You must also include one class reading in your annotated bibliography.

Weekly lectures and topics: (For guidance)
Week 2: The Ancients
Chapters about Plato and Aristotle and Epicurus.
Week 3: Indic Political Thought
Chapters about Buddha, Ashoka, and Dhammapada
Week 4: Sinic Political Thought
Chapters about Asian Political Thought
Week 5: Native American Political Thought
The Great Law of Peace
Week 6: African Political Thought
Chapters on African Political Thought, and Mande Charter.
Week 7: African-American Thought
Letter from a Birmingham Jail, and African Americans – Brill Reference


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