Project Charter

Phase I: Initiate – Project Charter
Review the assignment requirements for the project/paper (Located under Course Home).
You must address each of the areas in Phase I and upload your completed paper in Canvas.
Please remember, a project charter is only a high-level overview and summary of the project.
Area Possible
Project Title and Description
• Explain what the project is and how it will be accomplished.
• Explain the intended outcome of this project.
• What is the background/history of how the project got to this point?
Project Purpose
• State the purpose of the project.
• Explain why this project is important and what need it is fulfilling.
• Identify any mandates, policies, or laws that are driving this project.
Business Case/Requirement
• How is the project going to benefit the organization?
• Discuss what other alternatives were considered.
• Identify the high-level business requirements that the project is going
to fulfill. Do not get detailed on requirements – we will cover this in
more detail in a later assignment.
• Identify those situations or events that must be considered and
accounted, for which the project has no control over. An example
may be a deadline or completion date, hardware/software, or funds.
• Identify and explain at least 3 high-level risks. 4
Project Deliverables
• What is going to be delivered at the completion of the project?
• This is a high-level overview of the deliverable, not specific details.
Project Milestones
• Identify at least 8 project milestones. Include a date, name, and
milestone description.
Project Manager
• Identify the project manager. Identify the project manager’s skills.
• What would you do to mitigate a lack of experience or training?
Project Employees/Roles/Responsibilities
• Identify the project employees. They may be internal or external.
• Include a description of their roles and responsibilities.
Project Sponsor
• Identify the project sponsor(s).
• Explain what role they will play in the planning and implementation
of the project.
Subtotal 25
Spelling, Grammar, and APA errors (-2 points for each error)
Total 25


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