Psychology homework help

Psychology homework help. An annotated bibliography consists of summaries of research articles. Research articles include a review of the literature – what is already known about a specific topic. You should be closing in on your topic for the research proposals. This assignment is helping you find this information. What is the research question you are answering with your proposals?
Some topics from previous courses:

  • The relationship between social media and unhealthy eating habits
  • The relationship between the attractiveness of politicians and their electoral success
  • Growing up with parents who have addictions and the likelihood of future addiction in kids

The annotated bibliography will help you find, and begin to review, articles for your research proposals. You need to find at least 5 research articles.
Here is a quick link to a discussion on the literature reviews:
I made this video for another class, so ignore the information on the abstract, but it discusses literature reviews:
Here is a great example for how to setup an annotated bibliography.
To give you more time to work on the annotated bibliography, it will be due Sunday night.

Psychology homework help


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